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Foster Pups // The Brady Bunch

brady-bunch-pups-aileen brady-bunch-pups-ralph brady-bunch-pups-mike brady-bunch-pups-jan brady-bunch-pups-blaine2  brady-bunch-pups5 brady-bunch-pups brady-bunch-pups-greg brady-bunch-pups-blaine brady-bunch-pups-peter brady-bunch-pups4 brady-bunch-pups3 brady-bunch-pups2I shared about my first foster, Belle (now named Bella), and now I’m going to share my most recent little monsters. Meet The Brady Bunch! When I found out that there were 4 boys and 4 girls I couldn’t help but name them Mike, Carol, Greg, Marsha, Peter, Jan, Bobby and Cindy. If there was a 5th girl I would’ve named her Alice, but no thank you. Eight puppies is more than enough. So Alice? That’s me. I raised these little cuties and it was exhausting. They came to me at just over three weeks old and needed to be fed several times a day. In the beginning I was doing 24 individual feedings a day. It was messy and frustrating, but as frustrated as I got these little puppies had my heart.

The Brady Bunch came to me just two days after Belle left our home. While I expected a short break, the universe laughed at me and said “here are 8 puppies who are three weeks old and need someone to care for them!”. And of course I took them. All 8 of them. Everyone teased me about all the work it would take and really, it is a ton of work, but who else is going to do it? I don’t have kids and I work from home so I’m the perfect candidate for it so I stepped forward and took them in.

When they first arrived some of them weighed less than a pound and now they’re bouncy, playful, “real” puppies. Once they turned 8 weeks old they got split up into several foster homes to give them more individual attention and give me a break. Except Little Mikey…

brady-bunch-pups-mike2 brady-bunch-pups-mike3 brady-bunch-pups-mike-mila brady-bunch-pups-mike5 brady-bunch-pups-mike4

We love that little dude (though we loved them all) and decided to foster him until he found his forever home. It helped ease the sadness of saying bye to the seven other puppies. I swear, you’d think I had birthed them myself with how protective I was of them. When the other pups left Mike became besties with Mila, our pittie who is picky about who she likes to hang with. They were constantly playing and I was constantly telling them to “chill out” because I couldn’t concentrate on work. He was the best snuggler and quite honestly, the perfect puppy. We joked that if he wasn’t Mike Brady, he’d be Michael Jackson because he had one white paw (aka glove). This past weekend while I was out of town and he was staying with another foster he went home to a family with a little boy. The thought of them growing up together makes me so, so happy and makes up for the fact that he’s no longer part of our family and that I didn’t get to say bye.

And just like last time, I won’t have to dwell on the hole in my heart that these pups left because I’ve already got a new foster. Next up, Agnus, the pit who got hit by a car and need some extra love and care. I just can’t say no to a pup in need.

5 Comments on “Foster Pups // The Brady Bunch

  1. Oh my goodness the picture of all the pups running and surrounding his feet make me squee. If I didn’t have to work, or could work from home every day, I’d love to foster animals! You’re awesome for doing all that work. So many puppies.

  2. I recently adopted a boxer mix from an animal shelter in San Pedro Ca. She looks EXACTLY like these puppies and is the same age. I thought I was looking at her in one of the videos I watched on Facebook. I noticed the similarities when the update picture was posted on Facebook. Were all these puppies adopted out yet by chance? The markings match so much I had to ask!

  3. Oh good I’m so glad to hear that! I just felt the need to ask since our little Rue looks so much like them. It really looks like she could have came from this litter! So crazy. Thank you for your time!

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