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Weekly Wishes // No. 3

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I love Monday! Each week I like to start off with a review of the previous weeks goals and a fresh set of goals for the week ahead. Obviously this isn’t all I’m doing each week, but since my to do list is always a mile long it’s nice to have just a few things to focus on and feel accomplished at the end of the week.


  1. Finish 2013 taxes (!!!) Semi-fail. I got together everything I need, all the papers, my schedule C for both my businesses, etc.
  2. Finish editorial calendar for July. Done and done! July is almost over, but I got this done last week so everything is planned out through the end of the month and I just need to finish up a few posts.
  3. Spend three hours learning. I honestly don’t know how long I spent learning, however, I did spend a good amount of time learning some new web and wordpress development stuff.
  4. Finish & install ASE project. This hasn’t happened yet, but the test site is up and I’m just waiting on approval from my clients before I go ahead with the installation. Woo!


  1. Bring tax info to a pro. Now that I have all of the information together as of this weekend and now I just need to stop by one of the local tax places in town and get things started.
  2. Create 3 new premades. Since design is so up and down and all over the place, I have a few etsy stores where I sell premade designs for businesses as well as events. I really want to continue to build this up so it’s a steady residual income even if it’s only a couple hundred bucks a month.
  3. Editorial Calendar for August After doing pretty well in July with posting, I want to get a head start on August. I already have the first few days planned out, but I want to get the majority of August at least planned with post ideas and then I can edit as needed.
  4. Get ready for the day 3 times. I’m the girl with the messy bun, tank top, yoga pants without anything on my face besides chapstick and sunglasses (if I’m out). I really want to try and put a little effort into my appearance so I’m not in yoga pants all day, everyday. How ridiculous does it sound that I’m complaining that I can be dressed like that all day and it doesn’t matter?

2 Comments on “Weekly Wishes // No. 3

  1. I especially loved your final “weekly wish”. I too have a hard time getting myself to look socially acceptable during the week. I love sweatpants and laziness in general, especially appearance wise. 🙂

    1. It’s so hard when you don’t really have anywhere to go! So far I haven’t gotten dressed but I have high hopes for tomorrow 😉

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