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Weekend Happenings & Weekly Wishes No. 5

lolasbirthday3 lolasbirthday4 lolasbirthday5 lolasbirthday7 vcfair2 vcfair4 vcfair5Over the weekend we made our way down to the LA/Ventura area for several events and had entirely too much fun. We celebrated my Lola’s (grandma) 86th birthday, went to the Ventura County Fair and then went to a good friends birthday party. Between the fair food, the alcohol and the lack of sleep I woke up feeling like I needed a detox. A green smoothie for breakfast and a salad for lunch did the trick and I’m back to my normal self, aside from feeling gross due to the humidity today. Every time we head to “civilization” and get to see friends and family I crave moving back to be around the people I care about most and have to remind myself why we’re far away and why it’s ok. Today I’m feeling thankful we got to pack in seeing so many of our people as possible!Every week I start off with weekly wishes, just a few things that I’m publicly accountable for that will make my week a success.


  1. Get my first tattoo! Fail. Basically instead of getting it I put $50 in my “tattoo fund”. We now have a broken window that is taking priority.
  2. Finish a book. Still reading My Name is Memory, but haven’t finished it. Fail.
  3. Develop an email list. I start the planning and got the process started in MailChimp! Now I need to make sure it’s put up for people to sign up.
  4. Get moving for 30 minutes every single day. I didn’t really track this, but I was definitely more active in general. Without facebook in my life I found myself able to step away from the computer more often. Most of my daily “moving” consisted of spending an hour each day cleaning/organizing. Not sure if this was a pass or fail.



  1. Drop off donations. I’ve always been into having yard sales, but right now it’s so hard to find the time. What usually happens is I start gathering a bunch of stuff in a box for a yard sale and it sits there bugging me for months. Right now I have at least 3-4 boxes sitting around the house taunting me. I think it’s time to just donate most of it and maybe keep some of the nicer/bigger stuff to sell on Craigslist.
  2. Add opt in form. I have my email list set up in MailChimp, my next step is to kind of rearrange the blog to add an email list opt in form either in the header or the sidebar.
  3. Email list incentive. As far as I can tell, this is a great way to get people to sign up for your email list so I’m working on putting together some sort of free when you sign up ebook. There are a few ideas swimming around in my head, we’ll see which one comes to life.
  4. Start designing for secret project. Super vague, I know. I hope to be sharing about this in the next month or two. This week I want to at least lock down a basic logo and color scheme.

What are you hoping to cross off your list this week?

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