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Weekly Wishes // No. 6

santa-barbara-palm-treesWoo, Monday! I had a busy, fun and tiring week last week. Monday through Friday I was on vacation with my family in Monterey which was so nice and a great escape from the heat of summer. Then when I got home Friday night at almost 10pm Blaine reminded me his 10 year high school reunion was the next day. So less than 24 hours after coming home I was back out on the road. The reunion was fun, he got to connect with old friends, but 10 year reunions are weird. It’s still a bit close to high school so things are very similar. Then we spent the night at my in-law’s, ran around our home town eating and thrifting and then got back home late last night.

I’m excited to hunker down, get a lot of work done and just be at home for a little while. Monterey photos coming soon!


  1. Drop off donations. Fail. Still have ever-growing boxes in my house. But we may be having a yard sale soon so I’m going to hold on to them while I add more items.
  2. Add opt in form. Check! Want to subscribe for tips to simplify & inspire your biz, blog & life? You can sign up up in my header area or right here!
  3. Email list incentive. Have not done this yet, but I have a few ideas that I need to develop.
  4. Start designing for secret project. Check! Definitely started and gave the secret project a facelift



  1. September editorial calendar. How is it possible that I’m already having to plan for September?
  2. Take Ralph to get groomed. I’m on a mission to get 1 dog groomed every two weeks (aka after B’s payday). It keeps them clean, helps with the hair floating around the house and keeps it budget since I’m not doing all 3 dogs at once. Ralph’s turn!
  3. Write ebook. I’m pretty excited about this! It’ll be my first ebook and I definitely think it’ll be helpful to a lot of people. It’ll be a detailed, step by step follow up to a very popular post of mine.
  4. Editorial calendar for DIY Wedding Blog. Secret project revealed! This has been a side project I’ve mostly had on the back burner for a while and it’s time to jump in and make it what I think it can be. More on this over the next few weeks/months!
  5. Follow cleaning schedule. I wrote up a mini cleaning schedule for Blaine and I last week before I left town. It’s an easy to follow schedule with just maybe 10-20 minutes of cleaning each day to maintain the house. My goal is to try it out this week and tweak as needed.

Happy Monday! What are your wishes this week?

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  1. Hey Aileen, stopping by from the weekly wishes linkup to see what you’re hoping to accomplish this week! I’m also hoping to write an ebook, or at least get started on one in the next week, but I don’t really know where to start! The challenge for me will come after the brainstorm sesh and an outline when its time to get the book together! Good luck!

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