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Coffee Shop Productivity

coffee-shop-producitivityWhat is it about coffee shops? I can sit here for three hours and get more done than I can in a full day at home more often than not. It must be the change of scenery and the lack of distraction. No dogs asking to go outside or cats trying to jump in your lap or sit in front of your computer screen. There are no dishes sitting on the counter waiting to be washed, no crumbs on the floor driving me nuts.Unfortunately, in this little town I have exactly one coffee shop to go to: Starbucks. Not that I have a problem with Starbucks, I’m (shamefully) a gold card holder, but one coffee shop in the whole town means it’s often busy. I’m consider myself lucky if I can find a sear near an outlet before my laptop battery dies. But it’s worth it.

When you work from home you’re home all day, every day, unless you make an effort to go out. There’s no separation of work and home and the two, more often than not, collide. But coffee shops are my sanity. I’ve cut myself some slack lately and have guilted myself less on spending too much money at Starbucks. I’m the type of person that will multiply the cost of a coffee and bagel over the course of a year and then convince myself that money could be better spent on many other things. But sitting here amongst strangers, just my laptop and I, is crucial to my work and my sanity. I plan to make weekly coffee shop dates with my laptops a mandatory part of my schedule. Now if I could only convince myself to make exercise a mandatory part of my schedule I’d be golden.

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