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IMG_6796 IMG_6798 IMG_6831 IMG_6833 IMG_6838 IMG_6844 IMG_6877 IMG_6883 IMG_6899 IMG_8601 IMG_8606 IMG_8609 IMG_8634 IMG_8660 IMG_8669 IMG_8680 IMG_8697 IMG_8700 IMG_8706 IMG_8708 IMG_8712 IMG_8716 IMG_8719 IMG_8727 IMG_8728Monterey is such a beautiful, wonderful city. Living in southern California all my life, beaches are have consistently been part of my life. But the beaches in southern California are vastly different from beaches up the coast. Head up the coast a couple hundred miles to experience foggy and beautiful instead of hot and crowded? Yes, please.

My family and I (aside from Blaine who had to work) headed up to Monterey in August to celebrate my sisters birthday. We stayed in Monterey and ventured into Santa Cruz, Carmel and Pebble Peach. We spent a  lot of time in the car driving from place to place and hopping out to enjoy the scenery plus some walking around the different shopping areas. We ate at a delicious Chinese restaurant a stone’s throw away from our hotel and enjoyed a yummy continential breakfast every morning. I experienced the first place ever where literally the only vegetarian choice was a house salad, but at least it was a good salad!

On our way back we decided to extend our trip by one more day and stayed at our usual spot in Pismo Beach. In case you couldn’t tell that we love Pismo see this post and this post and this post. It’s kind of our place.

Good trip, good times!

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