Weekly Wishes // No. 11

Vegas this weekend was the perfect mix of fun and relaxing. When you think of a girl in her mid-late 20’s (side note: omg, I think I’m considered late-20’s now) in Vegas you generally get the party/club/drinking scene in your head. Nope, not this girl! First of all, I usually go to Vegas with my family and have been since I was a tiny little one. Second, hotel beds are just way too cozy to stay out late.

Both nights we were in the room by midnight only to have my parents walk in the room around 2-3 am waking us up and handing us slices of pizza. Pizza in bed? It’s what kid’s dreams are made of… and 20-something year old’s who are living on their own and no longer have their parents taking care of them. It’s nice once in a while!

The main reason we were there was for a combined birthday party for my cousins 13th and my uncles 50th birthdays. Kids birthdays now-a-day’s, man. Video game truck, magician, laser tag in the (blocked off) street. And enough food for feed the whole neighborhood – my favorite part! Good food, good people, good reminder that I appreciate life without kids (I needed that!) and just plain good times. On the way home we stopped at our favorite outlets and did a little shopping at Old Navy. I’m in the beginning stages of a wardrobe overhaul and plan on getting rid of 80% of what I have so I picked up some new vnecks (staples in my closet) and booties, which I’ve been wanting for a long time now.

Hope your weekend was lovely and I’m excited to get started on the week!


  1. Finish eCourse! Taking longer than I thought! I still need to take some pictures and maybe record a video or two. Getting there! And picked a launch date next week: October 21st. More info to come :)
  2. October editorial calendars. Done!
  3. Sew the couch cushion covers. Nope!
  4. Take the dogs 3 walks. Done!
  5. Begin a 2015 plan for my business(es). I’ve been thinking about it, but haven’t written anything down yet. I have a basic idea of my plan, but really need to outline it on paper with actionable items to get where I need to be!


  1. Clean out guest room. My sister is moving in. Technically she’s moved in, but all her furniture and her cat are at my parents so we have to finish getting everything over to our house.
  2. Finish eCourse. Most of the design is done, I just need to put together and insert some instructional photos and video.
  3. Closet purge. I’ve been wanting to do another closet purge for a while. I started one last week, but haven’t really done a good one where I pull everything out and only put back in what I absolutely love. I’m hoping to keep less than 50 items (excluding socks/underwear).

My main goal this week is to finish the eCourse and make sure it’s freakin’ amazing! So I’m keeping it light this week. Here’s to a good, productive week!

4 Comments on “Weekly Wishes // No. 11

  1. Are you trying to get to a capsule wardrobe or just parred down? I want a capsule wardrobe but might have made the mistake of getting rid of too much over the countless purgings I have done in my room. Good news though, I can’t think of one item of clothing that I got rid of that I miss. I just don’t have a whole lot left. Live and learn.Good luck!

    1. I’m planning on just getting down to the basics. A capsule wardrobe sounds so fun though, I love seeing other people do it!

  2. I enjoy cutting down what is in my closet, getting rid of what I do not wear, and packing away the things I intend to wear later but not currently. It is nice to have a clean closet full of clothes you actually wear. Much success for your current endeavors. :)

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