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Flashback Friday!

I’ve never done a Flashback Friday post before, though I’ve seen it on a few blogs and all over Instagram. I’m jumping on that amazing, amazing bandwagon. But in my own unique way. I’ve been going through boxes in my office and let’s just say, I found so much good stuff from photos to notes to printed out AIM conversations.First off, let me just say I was awesome. I may not have known it at the time, but now I’m impressed. Do you remember those “doll” images from the early 2000’s? Let me refresh your memory…

Ok, it took me a lot longer to find that than I thought it would. You can’t just type “Doll” in google. Or even “doll graphic”. Sheeh… Anyway, about the dolls. I may or may not have used them in my project on The Crucible.

Oh yeah. That happened. And I got an A-, you guys. It was dolls or stick figures. I had to make a choice.

By the way, I have Jesse McCartney’s autograph from when he was in Dream Street.

But before you get all hyperventilating on me, I didn’t meet Jesse McCartney. Not even when he was a wee little boy and we kind of thought he was annoying. Nope, I can remember being super angry that they were finally coming to California (they lived in New York) and that my friends were going to the mall to meet them. Where was I? On vacation in New York.

Moving on… to a Sears catalog from 1962 that I bought at a vintage shop because I couldn’t stop looking at it so I had to take it home.








And that’s the end of my weird twist on Flashback Friday! Happy Friday!

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