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This is what our Thank You post cards look like. I still haven’t mailed them. FAIL!

Random things:

I’ve always disliked peanut butter. Except for Reece’s cups, those are ok. But over the last few weeks I’ve been CRAVING it ever since Blaine got a banana split with peanut butter sauce (that sounds weird) on it. I mixed in peanut butter and banana in to my chocolate protein shake for several days.

Today I tried apples with peanut butter. I’d rather just have an apple. I think I hate peanut butter again.

The window sills in our bedroom are still dark blue. We should paint those, I guess.

I’m a bad gift receiver. I’m polite, don’t worry. But I’m secretly thinking about how I hate getting STUFF because clutter suffocates me. I’m still trying to get rid of clutter from the last 25 years of my life, don’t give me anymore. Unless you know exactly what I want NEED, get me a gift card. I’m trying to make my house/life minimalistic here, people!

I gained like 7 lbs while my sister was visiting. This is why she will be moving in with my dad if her husband gets deployed. Me + sister = fatties together. It’s coming off naturally now that I don’t have someone to stuff my face with all day.

Yesterday, I took a sip of my Monster. Felt something on my tongue. Pulled it off. AN ANT. I did that thing where you rub your tongue furiously with your hand out of disgust. It did not help.

I finally learned the lyrics to Bennie and the Jets. You should have heard what I’ve been singing for the past couple of years.

On my wedding day I almost didn’t wear make up. I planned on mascara, but I didn’t really think about make up at all. I hardly wear it. Luckily the girl who did my hair (isn’t it pretty?) fixed that for me and put on some natural looking make up.

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