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Summer Bucket List

summer20062007When I was in school and the holidays were over I got excited with each week that passed as we creeped towards summer. But my best summer was by far 2006. Newly single, all my friends were too and we spent hundreds of hours at the beach. Now, as an adult, summer means it’s hot all the time, all the good vacation spots are full (of children) and we now live 2 hours from the beach instead of 30 minutes. Just kidding, mostly. I’m not a total pessimist, but I do need a little nudge to enjoy summer these days. Luckily, even though we don’t have central air, we were able to take the window unit from Blaine’s old room at his parents. This means I probably won’t be grumpy on any day that’s over 80 degrees (aka everyday).

Here’s my summer bucket list:

  • Eat something I grew in my garden
  • Invite friends from our hometown over for a BBQ
  • Go camping
  • Go to the beach (Kill 2 birds with one stone by camping at the beach?)
  • Take a weekend road trip with Blaine
  • Visit my sister in Tennessee (preferably during this)
  • Reunion with my BFFs from the epic summer of 2006

Do you have a summer bucket list? I think it’s a good way to make sure you do a few fun things this summer. If you’re a list maker like me it’s more likely to happen if it’s on a list because I love crossing things off. That’s weird, right?

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