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We have a fence!


About a year after we started, we have a fenced in backyard! Blaine is amazing and worked on it non-stop as soon as we got the boards. Memorial Day weekend he spent over 20 hours out there and it paid off because he finished the front gate over this past weekend and now it’s done! We were finally able to let the dogs explore their new back yard instead of the tiny front yard we’ve let them access for the past two years.

The backyard while amazing due to how big it is, definitely has it’s drawbacks. It’s currently covered in weeds and that’s our first order of business. In fact, I warned Blaine that with all those foxtails we had to keep an eye on the dogs. You bet Mila ate a foxtail plant the first time we let them back there. You bet I shoved my hand down her throat and pulled out two foxtails. But that didn’t save us a vet visit the next day. They found some grass and plant matter in her tonsils. Good job, Mila. Blaine’s been back there daily weed whacking. Looks like they’ll only be allowed back there under strict supervision for the time being.

What’s next? Originally I figured once the dogs were out back we could get the front yard looking nice. But seeing how the foxtail situation is dangerous back there, we should probably just get started on the backyard. Weeding and getting some grass growing seems like the most logical first step. We know nothing about landscaping. We don’t have money to hire a landscaper so we’ll have to figure out on our own what to do with all this space. We were hoping to be able to just add grass to a small part of the yard and let the back part be wild, but obviously we’re needing to do something about all those foxtails. We’re hoping we can just throw down some grass seeds to see if it’ll start growing and pull weeds as we go. Then again we’ve done no research so who knows how well that will work. I guess the best next step is for me to spend hours researching.

If you have any tips for us we’d love to hear them!


My favorite part of this video is Blaine bouncing up and down on the roof of our detached garage trying to get Mila excited. It worked. Did I mention he does this in the house, usually where ever I am, everyday when he gets home? Walks in the door and makes Mila crazy. It makes me crazy.

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