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Five Goals for 2014

2014Every new year is a fresh start. I haven’t done a resolution in years, but every year I set goals. Last year I had three simple goals:

  • Try 52 new recipes
  • Try 12 new habits
  • No more debt

Honestly, I didn’t completely see any of them through. The 52 recipes goal might be one I was very close to, but I kept forgetting to keep track of the new recipes I was trying. The 12 new habits I kept up for January and February and I still love the idea so I will be trying (and succeeding!) again in 2014. As for debt, we’re still throwing all extra money at it, but are confident 2014 will be the year we’re done with credit card debt and can move on with our lives.

Five Goals for 2014

Pay off debt

It’s happening. In 2014. I won’t go into a lot of detail because I know it’s boring to most people, but we’ve got some credit card debt and we’ve struggled to get it paid off completely. We did pay down quite a bit in 2013, but we’d often get extra money and then have something we needed to spend it on. In 2014 we’re determined to finally say buh-bye to credit card debt. I’ll be going into more detail on my frugal living blog, Miss Tightwad, so feel free to follow along there. I’ll also be posting more frugal/money related goals for 2014 over at Miss Tightwad, so check those out if you’re interested!

12 new habits

The main goal here is to try a new habit and commit to do it for just one month. One month is a pretty short, easy to achieve amount of time and once one month is over I can decide if I would like to keep up with that habit or that it wasn’t for me. Last year in January I believe I did a cup of warm lemon water in the AM for it’s health benefits and ultimately decided it’s not for me. My habit for January 2014 is going to be waking up at 7:30am. Sounds ridiculous, but I don’t have kids or a job outside the home so I can basically wake up when I want. I’ll be doing a post at the beginning/end of each month to keep updated and would love to have a few of you join me each month!

Decorate our home

We’ve officially lived in this house for over two years and I still haven’t really decorated. We have most of our furniture, but almost completely bare walls and shelves. I’m pretty minimalistic when it comes to decor anyway, but I’d like to at least get some art and photos on the walls and add a few touches here and there.

Declutter 500 items

I’d like to get rid of 500 items in our home this year. 500 sounds like we’ll be sitting in empty rooms, but that’s really not the case. I said “500” out loud, got nervous and then counted everything on my desk. I stopped when I got to 50 (and yes, each pen is one item) so 500 doesn’t seem so daunting anymore. I hope I can keep track! I plan on doing my best to update throughout the year so I can keep track of the actual number. I’m already planning a HUGE (painful) closet purge within the next few weeks which is going to be tough because I already did one a few months ago. I will sell, give away, donate or throw out at least 500 items in 2014 and I have to say I’m pretty excited about having 500 fewer items in the house! That’s 500 fewer items to clean around, pick up, wash, keep up or interact with on a daily basis. Yes, please.

Vlog every day

This is total insanity! I went back and forth for days about whether I wanted to commit to this or not. In 2014, I WILL be vlogging every day. Just typing that makes me nervous. 365 days of filming my life sounds like such a commitment. And it is. But I started making videos for Miss Tightwad on saving money, couponing, etc. and I found that I really love it. Working from home leaves little room for human contact, having conversations and meeting new people. I found that just talking to a camera was a great way for me to feel more social in a way that typing out a blog post or tweet doesn’t… even if no one is watching! Plus, it totally gets me out of my comfort zone and I’ve really been trying to push myself lately. So it’s happening. I will vlog every day in 2014. I’m not sure about the logistics yet – one video per day, a weekly recap, etc. But my plan is to at least film on a daily basis even if it’s just for 30 seconds. I realize how narcissistic this sounds. What’s the video version of a selfie called? Oh boy.

There you have it, my goals for 2014. A few of them are kind of lofty (I don’t think I’ve ever used that word before) but I’m excited for 2014 and all the goals I have. Of course, I have some others. Some are smaller, some bigger, some personal and some just not that exciting, but these are the goals I was excited to share with you all.

I hope you all have a wonderful new years eve and I’d love to hear what goals you’re making to get the most out of the next year.

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