Weekend Links & (a late) Merry Christmas

We stopped by the Paul Walker crash site on the way to our Christmas Eve party. We were both big fans and are still pretty upset about it.Does anyone else get super excited for Christmas to happen once fall hits and then suddenly Christmas is over and it was pretty anticlimactic? That’s how I’m feeling now. I think it’s my fault for putting Christmas on a pedestal. We decorated a little, skipped getting a tree this year and just weren’t all that festive. I have a really hard time getting into the Christmas spirit without family around me. It was my first Christmas without my sister around which sucks. Our big family Christmas Eve party is always my favorite part of Christmas, but the rest of the season was just “meh” for me.

But I’m no Grinch, I’m not grumpy at all about it, just not as excited as I always plan to be! So I hope you all had a lovely holiday season, no matter what you celebrate, and I hope you all have fun plans for new years! We’ll be attending another family party for new years and I doubt I’ll be checking in before then so Happy New Year! I’m spending the last week of 2013 getting the house back to normal and laying out all sorts of plans and goals for 2014. I bought my 2014 weekly planner at Target last night and I’m so excited to get planning! Are any of you like that too??

Here are some of my favorite things on the internet lately

If you have cats, you totally get this.

Top posts of 2013 at Becoming Minimalist — one of my favorite blogs, ever. Read their top posts, they’re all worth it!

This post. Short, but something to think about.

What? Yikes.

33 of the Greatest Things on Tumblr (seriously. #13 killed me)

Part of me dreams about days like this and part of me dreads them.

The Clients From Hell site is always funny. I’ve been very lucky!

Mentally strong people: the 13 things they avoid

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